How to develop children's language skills
  A mistake  somebady became so puzzle and makes some people feel confused and makes most children have dreams can not say. Is baby have an innate sense of  language? The amount of wrinkles that can place peas, and that want to break away from the bondage of help, tell us that the language is not born.
  Living with ape monkeys, far away from humans, human beings living in the same way as ape monkeys live and express emotions.This example tells us that the environment is important for the growth of a person.
  Environment, what constitutes its main composition conditions, and For the younger children, the parents who contact them most frequently and intimacy are the children. In other words, the child's language skills are closely related to the parents’ daily activities.
  The fast pace of urban life, Parents who earn the money for their children's milk powder and school fee are heavily loaded and go back to their home to form very little interaction with their children. When they go back to home, there was no habit of interacting with the child. The child was playing nearby and no one was talking to him.This causes children to be silent in the future, not even the bad habit of speech, not only is not conducive to the children's future contact with people and can even affect children's physical health and family harmony.If a person is always holding the words in the heart, hold it in the stomach, can it be better?
  Learning to communicate with children is the first step for parents to cultivate their children's language skills. Having them say something is the second step parents need to make.
  The child is not the colleague that parents need to communicate at work, should distinguish between the topic and the speech way, should stand in the child's perspective. After all, it is impossible for a child to have a opinion of a thing that he has never been able to discern. Therefore, let children have something to say, it must be within the child’s cognition range.
  As for the way of speaking, it is the parent's confidence in the tone and tone of speech.The soft-spoken speech speaks more than the radical speech.
  In terms of learning, the emphasis is on a combination of work and leisure.In the case of a completely relaxed state of mind, in such a magical nature environment, parents can also help children to know the world, and observe the world, delicate and charming flowers, butterflies of the fly, so colorful.The topic between children and parents also from this moment, slowly pull out.
  "Impatient to eat hot bean curd" is an old man's daily phrase, Eager to deny the child's thoughts, eager to say "no".It also brings irreparable trauma to the child’s heart .It should not be a child's nature to think before and after and Passionate expression should be their hallmark. We should learn to release this sign of children so that they can freely imagine and be bold.
  There are not born with Languages;Expression requires parental traction.Pay attention to details in life and let the world shine.
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