A letter of apology to first grade baby
A letter of apology to baby:
  Blame mom for not doing well, let your primary school so sad.
  My dear baby has been in primary school for half a year, and I am glad that the final result is still good. I would like to say something to my baby:work hard!
  I still remember that at this time a year ago, I knew nothing about Kindergarten or preschool children rising to elementary school. I only knew that it was OK to follow the procedure. Baby likes to play the violin. Our family spent a lot of money and time to give her a report, but At the end of elementary school, the child was not happy.
  I always thought that elementary school was just going to class. The children would naturally learn, but only after entering school did they discover that many children around them started on the young convergence courses from the big class, knew hundreds of words, and knew what the disciplines and examinations of the class were, and the daughters This area is still blank, and she was also very proud of losing.
  In fact, I did not do my work, and usually attend extra-curricular interests. I thought this could draw the gap between the kid and the classmates, but I ignored the most fundamental learning. I didn't pay attention to it, so she went to primary school and didn't know when to take classes and when to go to the toilet; I did not take good care of her psychological changes. I was surprised that she did not love learning. In fact, she was in conflict with her friends at the same table, but she always kept in mind;It was I who did everything for her at ordinary times, causing her to forget to take her homework and even go home empty handed....
  The process of correction and adaptation is very difficult. What I want to share with you today is that it is a great responsibility to be a parent. Although the child has a natural growth trajectory, the parents should not do a good job, or they will delay the children.
  In the new year, I hope everyone will work hard and be a great parent!
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