Those things of Kindergarten or preschool children rising to
  The son is going to read elementary school right now, and we are also facing problems with Kindergarten rising to elementary school.Originally, according to the principle of juveniles and young children entering the school, a family as long as meet the three principles of counterpart can be realized, but “The ideal is always very plump, Reality is always very skinny ", There are a lot of difficulties in entering the school.As a mother, I was too busy.
  First of all, the housing problem, According to the policy of slicing elementary schools,we live in Hanyu Road and we can read Shuren Elementary School. We are still happy to be able to go to an elite school. After all, other people spend tens of thousands of yuan on the school fees to read, and there are people who buy this house exclusively for the sake of the school,and we save a lot more than these people. But!Here comes the question!Not long ago, I went to inquire about the details of the school entrance. I learned that this year, Shuren Elementary School asked for 100% .The old house like the parents had a name on it. This time it was not be able to do. However, we all live with the children's grandparents, a family of five has never been separated, and the property ownership certificate is his grandfather's name. This means that we did not get into the school, think of all the people who feel angry,What does the school want to do with these rules?Just for the extra cost of school! Later, he thought of a lot of ways to transfer the kid’s grandfather's name to my husband's head. That's the end of it.
  Another is the child learning problem. We want our children to go to a famous school, and we must not be worse than the average child, so we are strict with our children. The children were given a language interest class and a math class, as well as a Taekwondo class. Careful calculation, the cost of various classes, the cost is not small. But there is no way, for the son can be better, for the son not to lose at the starting line. The basic rhythm is to go to learn languages after school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to , take math classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and learn Taekwondo on weekends. Fortunately, he does not reject these studies, and he is happy to go to class every day.
  In June of this year, the child will formally enter the first grade, and in order to make the child get in touch with primary school life as soon as possible, during this period of six months, my child and I will be fully fired up to prepare for rising Junior high school. Although sometimes it is still very tired, but worth it.
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