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  • 2018-01-19

    How to develop children's language skills

    A mistake somebady became so puzzle and makes some people feel confused and makes most children have dreams can not say. Is baby have an innate sense of language? The amount of wrinkles that can pla

  • 2018-01-19

    A letter of apology to first grade baby

    I still remember that at this time a year ago, I knew nothing about Kindergarten or preschool children rising to elementary school. I only knew that it was OK to follow the procedure. Baby likes to pl

  • 2018-01-19

    Those things of Kindergarten or preschool children rising to

    The son is going to read elementary school right now, and we are also facing problems with Kindergarten rising to elementary school.Originally, according to the principle of juveniles and young childr

  • 2018-01-19

    Detailed things I did for my son

    һA school district room prepared after birth After the birth of the baby, I do not know why, when the mother I automatically thought to let the baby to read a good school, and no one to teach me , pu

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