Guest Speaker
  Zhu Yuju Deputy Director of Basic Education Department of Ministry of Education
  Xu Lu  One of the Drafters of the Standard for Primary and Secondary School Uniforms
  Textile Industry Standardization Institute Standards Center Director
  National Standard Committee of Textile Standards Committee
  Cui Yumei Associate Professor of Children's Wear and School Uniforms, School of Fashion and Art Design, Donghua University
  Cheng Guanrun  Executive Vice President and Secretary General of Shanghai School Logistics Association
  Yao Huilong  Shanghai Quality Supervision and Inspection Technology Research Institute Fiber Inspection Deputy Director
  Yang dawei China education equipment industry association school logistics equipment management branch secretary general
  Zhuang Zimin  Secretary General of Shenzhen School Uniform Industry Association
  Ingrid Pramling  Samuelsson World Preschool Education Organization OMEP Chairman
  Liu Zhanlan  Researcher of Education Research Center of the Institute of Curriculum Teaching of the Central Education Institute of Science.
  Secretary General of the Council of World Preschool Education Organization (OMEP)

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