Time and Locatio
The exhibition registrationNovember 16-17, 2018
The time of Summit:November 18-19, 2018
The time of Exhibition:November 18-20, 2018
Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of international Sourcing
  Located in the Changfeng Ecological Business District on the north bank of Suzhou River, Putuo District, Shanghai. And it is invested and constructed by Shanghai changfeng cross mining investment co., LTD.The design of DAO international design group is a building complex integrating conference, exhibition, office and business.After the project is completed, it will become a conference and exhibition business center in Putuo District and even in the west of Shanghai, and it will become a landmark project in the Changfeng Ecological Business District.
  The total land area of the project is 38364.5O,The total area of the building is 141702O. The Main function configuration (ground part) includes: exhibition center, office building and supporting business.
The Introduce of Function
  After the completion of the cross-cutting base project, not only the annual China (Shanghai) Transnational Procurement Trade Fair, the annual International Procurement Trend Seminar, the annual China Cross-border Procurement Summit, the annual Shanghai Export Commodities Fair, and the annual China Local Economic Commodity Promotion Fair will be held. All kinds of large-scale conferences.The center will also set up "one-door" service halls to strive to set up service windows such as customs, commodity inspection, banking, Sinotrans, International Chamber of Commerce, and business centers.Provide more convenient customs clearance, commodity inspection, settlement, rented center customs supervision warehouse, cargo transportation and other channels; Solve general problems in general trade clearance and inspection, provide up-to-date policy advice, handle visas for foreign buyers for multiple visits, register for company registrations, and perform qualification certification for suppliers according to the requirements of buyers;Set up a commodity exhibition hall and a trade negotiation room, and constantly display cross-border procurement of import and export commodities throughout the year, providing small-scale cross-border purchase trade negotiation rooms;It will also set up training centers, hold special lectures and trainings, and provide policy training, certification training, foreign trade operation practice training, tailor-made cooperative training programs and training lectures all the year round. In addition, the two cross-border procurement headquarters buildings that are supported by the simultaneous construction will focus on the introduction of multinational procurement groups to set up regional headquarters and branch offices in Shanghai, and actively introduce corresponding domestic and foreign trade promotion agencies.
The address of Exhibition
  Address: 2739 Guangfu West Road, Putuo District, Shanghai (200062)
The map of Exhibition Hall

  Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of international Sourcing, Putuo District No. 2739 Guangfu West Road, Located in the center of Shanghai Changfeng Ecological Business District, across the river from Hongqiao Development Zone; It is a novel and modern building, 50,000 square meters of architecture integrates exhibition, conference and dinner; Subway Line 2 Weining Road Station (Exit 1 or 4); Suzhou river, Changfeng Park, WJ Marriott, shopping and dining are close; Comfortable environment, complete facilities and first-class service; It is a very unique exhibition venue in Shanghai.



匯、The Aplane: The exhibition hall is 8.8 kilometers from Terminal 1 of Hongqiao Airport, 12.6 kilometers from Terminal 2 and 52 kilometers from Pudong International Airport.

1、Hongqiao Airport: Take Subway Line 2: Terminal 2 Station > Weining Road Station

2、Pudong International Airport: Take Sbuway Line 2: Pudong International Airport Station > Weining Road Station

3、Weining Road Station: Exit No. 4 and turn right onto Weining Road Bridge. After crossing the river, walk down the stairs and walk 400 meters east along Guangfu West Road.


屈、Railway Station: The exhibition hall is 13 km from Hongqiao High Speed Railway Station and 9.1 km from Shanghai Railway Station.

1、Hongqiao High-speed Railway Station: Take Metro Line

2、Hongqiao Railway Station> Weining Road Station Shanghai South Railway Station: Take Metro Line 3: Shanghai South Railway Station> Zhongshan Park Station (transfer to Metro Line 2)> Weining Road Station

3、Shanghai train station

*Subway line 1: Shanghai railway station > people's square station (transfer to metro line 2) > weiing road station.

*Take Metro Line 3: Shanghai Railway Station> Zhongshan Park (transfer to Metro Line 2)> Weining Road Station

*Take Metro Line 4: Shanghai Railway Station> Zhongshan Park (change to Metro Line 2)> Weining Road Station

Weining Road Station: Exit No. 4 and turn right onto Weining Road Bridge. After crossing the river, walk down the stairs and walk 400 meters east along Guangfu West Road.


眉、Self-drive: please navigate to 2739 guangfu west road, Shanghai (the gate of the exhibition hall/gate 1, parking fee self-care)

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