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  With the deepening of the reform of school uniforms, local access such as "Protection measures" and unreasonable price limits such as "Purchasing pitfalls", there is a trend of gradual disintegration from east to west and from economically developed regions to less developed regions regions, and the new era of the school uniform industry from decentralization, workshops to centralization and marketization is approaching. The small and medium-sized school uniform enterprises in the wave of industry reshuffles have to face the painful period of transition
  According to the CCTV report, the number of primary and middle school students in China has exceeded 200 million, and the number of kindergartens and pre-school education is nearly 50 million. The domestic uniform market is close to the 100 billion mark. With the release of the second-child policy, the total number of students in the future will show an overall upward trend. The industry expects the domestic school uniform market to reach 150-200 billion yuan by 2025. The market expansion prospect of the brand enterprise is huge, and the agglomeration effect brought by the industry shuffle will further accelerate the process of industrial quality.
  Review and Summary 2017 and outlook for2018, What are the innovations and opportunities in the School uniform industry and related industry fields?How to deal with school uniform investors, manufacturers, industrial chain enterprises and suppliers? In the school uniform, the popularity of the new national standard, the improvement of social education standards and aesthetic standards, the transformation of the school uniform industry is undergoing an unstoppable "ecological transformation".School uniform enterprises must comply with the rhythm of the times. We should think more about what the real needs of consumers are.How to make children wear "confidence, belonging, health, sunshine, growth" in a harmonious campus?How to combine technology with school uniform culture?These hot spots of concern will be read one by one in the "China School Uniform Industry (2018) Annual Meeting and Shanghai International School Uniform Expo" held at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center in Shanghai of China, on November 18-20.
  At that time, leaders of the global preschool education industry, leaders of political circles, academics, and entrepreneurs will be invited to the conference. The conference will focus on the current global school uniform industry situation, development status and other topics,and other topics to discuss professionally within the heat conduct a brainstorming. During the period, in order to honor enterprises and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to global school uniforms, they will hold 2018 China School Uniforms annual selection activities. The annual meeting and exhibition will be taken as an opportunity to consolidate and strive to develop, and contribute to the construction of China's school uniform career blueprint.
  Hereby invite your organization to participate in this event!
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